We're Crios, we're creators

We are enthusiastic and passionate developers from Mendoza, Argentina. Our aim is to create strong bonds with the users by creating new worlds and stories that allow us to dream and live amazing experiences together.We're Crios, we're creators.

Julián Muñoz Velázquez (a.k.a Momfus)

Lead Programmer and Game Designer. Secret singer and dancer.

Javier Bravin (a.k.a Jafi)

Programmer and Yerbamate Supplier. Web Developer. Project manager. Stuff organizer.

Julia Villanueva

Graphic designer. Animation.2D Art. Pixel Art. Chocobos lover.

Mariel Astorga (a.k.a Pepi The Pistolera)

Far West Graphic Designer and Pig-icaturist. Concept Art. 2D Art. Promotional Art.

Álvaro Stockle Márquez

Chilean musician and Super Saiyan. Music composer and FX.

Tito Our Boss

He's trying to take over the world before barking time!