Welcome to Project NN’s first dev diary! Surely you’ll ask yourself: What is all this about?

First I will start introducing myself: I am Momfus, main programmer and game designer of Crios Devs. I’ll be the one to give you a technical explanation about the rules our game will have; and also about our adventures creating it (unfortunately there is no one with a powerful ring to destroy … for now). I’ll be telling through this dev diary the advances that may be useful for other developers who are traveling the same path as us, as well as own opinions and decisions that we will make throughout the development of our game. That is why it’s very important for us if you are reading this and you are interested in reading about a particular topic, leave us a comment below or contact us through our fanpage or info@criosdevs.com to tell us.

Now I want to tell you a little about Crios Devs, the videogames company of which I am co-founder. We are a development studio located in Mendoza (Argentina), we love and breathe videogames. Before proyect NN we’ve done some projects in web platforms, smartphones and desktop; and also some videogames specifically for events. But this project it’s different It’s our first project that we face having some years of experience in development and knowing the international market and the commercial reality of videogames in our country.

We went through months of pre-production, meeting with important people in the industry to make the project economically viable and using our savings to be able to dedicate ourselves to this project, that we believe, will be an essential step to our new stage in the videogame industry.



Rediseño 2019 de nuestra marca

Now the formalities are over, I’ll tell you a little about our new project. Project NN is a Top Down – Twin stick shooter, 2D pixel art developed for PC and consoles and is developed in a cyberpunk context.

The history of the game leads the player to travel a dystopian future, with advanced technology where natural and artificial are difficult to differentiate. There is artificial life, androids and robots as a reflection of the human obsession with technology and automation. There are no nations, there are corporations that control the means of production, resources and consumption. People are massively influenced by television programs that seek to create a distraction that gives them a false sense of freedom. Thus, in order to control the population increase and maintain their wealth and power, these corporations create a TV program where participants must fight for their survival – prisoners sentenced to death that society sees as disposable, people who want to ascend socially through fame, etc –

The protagonist of the story is a participant of this show, in which, while using as much resources as possible to stay alive, you must go through different levels that will help you to recover your memory and finally remember who you really are. As you progress through the game, the player can unlock new stories and figures from the past, which will then be playable characters.

If you liked the plot and want to continue learning more about our project, we invite you to follow us on our social media and through this blog we will periodically upload new content and advances of this violent world.

In the next development diary we will explain our reasons for choosing Game Maker Studio as the engine for the project, as well as other technical aspects of Project NN.




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