Paul hero: END polio now

Play as Paul and help to fight against the polio!
Paul Hero is an adventure platfomer where you can be the intrepid Paul and fight against the polio by avoiding obstacles, testing your reflexes, defying the laws of gravity and delivering vaccines to eradicate this horrible disease in the world (poliomyelitis).

Game features

– More than than 60 levels divided in 6 sections full of challenges and obstacles.
– More than 5 hours of gameplay to end it.
– First oficcial Rotary International Video Game
– Original soundtrack composed of exclusive scores.
– For all ages and genders, with a balanced difficulty curve.
– Free and web.
– Help to spread and inform humanitarian actions.


Set your inner Momo free!
Momo Planet is a 2D casual game where we manage a small creature that constantly rotates around a series of planets and must evade obstacles by jumping and obtaining chocolate coins to find their different personalities.


Download the apk directly to your phone with the link below and test the demo!



The programmer was angry and made the game unbelievably difficult!

Code-man is a puzzle/adventure game where patience and skill is needed to complete each level. In total, there’re twenty four levels to go through and three skills (also called add-ons) that can be unlocked as we keep on playing.

A military computer that handles a country’s nuclear missiles is infected by a powerful virus that is using the information of it to be able to contaminate other computers and release all the weapons what is it driving. The protection system releases the use of “CODE-MAN” ® in its “3rd” version (V.3.0) so that finish once and for all with the threat.

This was our first project, so we hope you enjoy it



Cassetron is an experience for events. The proposal consists of a reel of 4 mini-games set in a world that is on the verge of destruction. The player must fight to free an Artificial Intelligence, which is being attacked by a lethal virus. Ifyou manage to overcome all obstacles, you will be able to free the previous users who failed to complete the mission.
Exclusive for events! Contact us for playing.

grammar zombie

Grammar Zombie is a casual game of typing where our hero has to fight the zombies that infected the city with the virus of bad spelling, being the correction of the words
the only salvation.
Game exclusively for education.
Check Grammar Zombie art

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